Thursday, 16 June 2011

Not too long ago in a room quite close by intergalactic standards...

... a man drew a T Shirt.

I have to say I am quite chuffed with this one as well. 

Urgent Recall Notice has no great development behind it, it was literally a flash of inspiration whilst reading a news article about product recalls and their affects on industry. It's bad enough if you have to take every car you've made in the last five years and stick a cover on the hole in the footwell but imagine if your scope of engineering was set a little bigger?

If only our Darth had got this memo, maybe things would have gone a little differently at Yavin IV.

I took a couple of design liberties with this one. All in the text, so to set the record straight for all my fellow nerds out there, Genosian Industries didn't build the Death Star, they only designed it. It was built by the Imperial Department of Military Research but that sounded less snappy. Although there was a Hutt model, this wasn't built by the Genosians or the Imperium but by the Hutt family.

Happy? Good.

It is actually designated model number DS-1 which I thought was ace when I found out.


Black Pig

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