Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Bodfather

Well this design took some cursing and swearing I can tell you.

The Bodfather is a film geek homage to a film that believe it or not I have never seen. A fact which is doubly shameful when the Godfather was made as a deal so Ford Coppola could make Apocalypse Now which is my favourite film of all time. At this point it is worth stating I am a film nerd, I make no apologies and this will come through in more than one design I have in the pipeline.

It also encompasses another love of mine which is old kids TV programs. Trying to explain to someone who is a child of the last fifteen years that we only used to have 2.5 TV channels and they all turned off at 11.30 is not easy given the constant bombardment we have now.

I don't mean to say that things were better then, Bod was to be honest a bit crap. I liked it but it was very simple animation and very scant storyline. Although when I was 5 I suppose a good narrative and character development was beyond me. I was more taken with guessing what flavour milk shake the frog would be drinking at the end! But Bod is iconic of my childhood, and The Godfather is one of the greatest films (and trilogies) made so a combining of the two seems worthy.

This design is again quite subtle, the Arm of Bod is only a small part of the design. It took a lot of putting together, in fact this probably had more man hours than any other design. I really need to improve my work flow. Each letter had to be traced to make it look right and I had a few false starts on the hand. Then I realised that I had made no allowance in the design for light clothing. Something I may address at some point.
However the original artwork for the film used white text so staying with this I think it looks best on dark colours.


Black Pig

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