Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Team Severus: Here be spoilers for HP6 & 7

Amongst other things, the girlfriend is a Harry Potter nut. Couple this with an inexplicable love of Alan Rickman and the films are quite good for her.

As a proper grown up I have managed to read only the first book, which I only did so when I draw comparisons between other grown up fiction and it, I knew what I was talking about.

Imagine her upset in book 6 when Snape turns out to be a nasty bugger and kills that Gandalf impersonator at the top of the tower. This was not befitting behaviour for 'Our Alan'.

Oh she was not pleased.

But then came The Deathly Hallows and all is redeemed when we find out why he does it and everything is good again. Happiness reigns and faith in Snape is restored.

This 'I always knew he was good' philosophy gave me the idea for Team Severus.

I also found time to play around with a couple of shading effects on this one which I am particularly happy with!


Things have been busy...

So I have not posted about my last two designs yet. This was my first targeted idea.

The girlfriend is an avid knitter so something along these lines was going to happen sooner or later and I liked the idea of a knitted world. A whole category devoted to knitting and finally branched out into other products!

World of Woolcraft is the idea I had. A ball of wool is roughly spherical, as is this globe we live on. The two seem made for one another. It is one of the most in depth things I have done yet and there were some huge leaps forward in learning my way around illustrator. Of course typically, right after I finished this I watched a tutorial video that showed me how I could have done something so much quicker and easier! Dammit.

Virgin Wool is the first upload of a series of sketches I have done over the years, these are roughly inspired by a combination of Gary Larson and the Beano. Simple line drawings that hopefully look good and are quite amusing. I remember many years ago hearing the phrase Virgin Wool. I was instantly struck by the funniness of this phrase. The only thing I could think of was butt ugly sheep. Of course the reality is less humorous. Virgin Wool is merely wool that has not previously been used in manufacture or spinning. As we all know, stuff that has been used and torn down for re-manufacture is called Shoddy.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Not too long ago in a room quite close by intergalactic standards...

... a man drew a T Shirt.

I have to say I am quite chuffed with this one as well. 

Urgent Recall Notice has no great development behind it, it was literally a flash of inspiration whilst reading a news article about product recalls and their affects on industry. It's bad enough if you have to take every car you've made in the last five years and stick a cover on the hole in the footwell but imagine if your scope of engineering was set a little bigger?

If only our Darth had got this memo, maybe things would have gone a little differently at Yavin IV.

I took a couple of design liberties with this one. All in the text, so to set the record straight for all my fellow nerds out there, Genosian Industries didn't build the Death Star, they only designed it. It was built by the Imperial Department of Military Research but that sounded less snappy. Although there was a Hutt model, this wasn't built by the Genosians or the Imperium but by the Hutt family.

Happy? Good.

It is actually designated model number DS-1 which I thought was ace when I found out.


Black Pig

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chuck No More

Well the Chuck Norris beard design got bounced by Cafe Press for sailing a little close to Intellectual property violation!

Get me I'm a rebel.

I'll be retooling the design to see if I can get away with it in future, but there are plenty more designs on the way.


Black Pig

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Big Damn T Shirts

Well no geek T collection would be complete without a Firefly T Shirt, so I started with three.

Those pesky kids

We've already established I am a film geek, and there is no greater set of films to get geeky over than that trilogy released a long time ago in a cinema far far away. You know, before merchandising.

The Bodfather

Well this design took some cursing and swearing I can tell you.

So the designs then.

If you've had a look already you will be aware there are already several designs up on the shop. I thought I would go into a few of them here to give you an idea of the process.

Finally Flying (the intro)

Well after much deliberation, procrastination and other long nouns ending in ion which basically mean I have been lazy. The Black Pig shop is finally up and running.